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Zinc 50 mg

ZINC Supplement 50mg by FORTE NATURALS

*START BOOSTING YOUR IMMUNITY TODAY AND COMBAT COLD & FLU SYMPTOMS SUCH AS: scratchy or sore throat, coughing, sneezing and stuffiness with a daily Zinc Vitamin 50mg supplement. Scientific studies show that by taking a daily 50mg Zinc vitamin supplement can reduce the duration of your cold by 50 percent.

*SPECIALLY FORMULATED Vitamin Zinc FOR SENSITIVE STOMACHS ideal for those who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), nausea, discomfort from other forms of Zinc supplements and those in need of colon or digestive support.

*A DAILY ZINC SUPPLEMENT STIMULATES THE GROWTH of thicker and fuller HAIR, stronger, harder NAILS and can also REDUCE ACNE and the appearance of scars and even SCAR REMOVAL. ACCORDING TO THE AMERICAN PREGNANCY ASSOCIATION, a daily Zinc vitamin supplement contributes to healthy ovulation and fertility in women.

*INCREASE YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE & TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER, gain muscle since Zinc has a significant role in protein synthesis. Muscles need protein for growth and Zinc is needed to gain muscle. Taking Zinc tablets daily is extremely popular with top athletes, body builders and people who want to gain lean muscle.

CONTAINS 100 ZINC TABLETS, coated for easy to swallow consumption, fast absorption and come complete with bisecting lines down the center for easy cutting. As with all Zinc vitamin supplements, it is recommended to take Zinc vitamins always on a FULL STOMACH and with water or juice (not milk) as this will aid in the best absorption of this vitamin Zinc supplement.


Your body needs Zinc every day and in just the right amount. The human body has no way to store Zinc, so it depends on a regular supply through either diet or a daily intake of a quality Zinc vitamin supplement. Zinc is important for a number of life-sustaining functions, including:
• Strong immunity
• Maintenance of your mood, mental clarity as well as balanced sleep,
• Your senses of taste and smell require Zinc to function properly,
• Zinc also helps support wound healing such as burns on the skin and even promotes quicker healing after surgery,
• Strengthens hair and fingernails and can even reduce breakouts caused by acne,
• Studies show that a daily Zinc supplement can lead to higher fertility levels in both men and women,
• Daily Zinc intake can also increase muscle production, as Zinc is needed for in the role of protein synthesis.


Mild Zinc deficiency is relatively common in most people, especially in infants and children, pregnant or breast-feeding women, elderly, and for those eating vegetarian or vegan diets. Mild Zinc deficiency can lead to frequent colds and flu, fatigue, and poor general health. Inadequate Zinc can result in mood disturbances, poor memory, impaired learning and poor focus. Zinc deficiency can also contribute to acne and poor eyesight. White spots on your fingernails can be a simple indication that you’re not getting enough Zinc and could benefit from a daily Zinc vitamin supplement.
A mild Zinc deficiency can cause the following symptoms:
– Weak hair and finger nails
– Acne on face, back and chest
– Restless nights and difficulty sleeping
– Weak muscle strength and difficulty in producing toned muscles
– Frequent colds and poor immune system
– Difficulty in healing wounds caused from burns and even prolonged recovering after surgery
– Reduction in the senses and the ability to taste food or smell properly
– Reduced fertility in both men and women and even miscarriage


Scientific studies show that by taking a daily 50mg Zinc vitamin supplement it can reduce the duration of your cold by 50 percent. Researchers found that Zinc reduced both the duration and severity of symptoms of the common cold. And using Zinc on a regular basis even helped prevent colds, leading to fewer work or school absences and less antibiotic use by adults and children.


There is rarely a more nutritionally demanding time during a woman’s life than pregnancy (and later breast feeding), when the intake of nutrients from foods and supplements are needed not only to keep her body running, but also to nourish and support her rapidly growing baby. Zinc is a vital component to a healthy pregnancy and mothers who are breastfeeding.


When it comes to fertility in both men and women, Zinc is the most widely studied nutrient. Zinc is an essential component of our genetic fabric and a zinc deficiency can trigger chromosome changes in either you or our partner. Zinc deficiencies can lead to reduced fertility in both men and women and even an increased risk of miscarriage in women.

Zinc is found in high concentrations in the sperm. Zinc is needed to make the outer layer and tail of the sperm and is, therefore, essential for the fertility in men’s sperm. Remarkably, several studies have also shown that reducing Zinc in a man’s diet will also reduce his sperm count. The same studies have shown that when men increase their intake of Zinc with a daily supplement, they are more likely to conceive healthy babies.


The good news is, the nutrients that hair and nails need to be strong and healthy are generally easy to attain in a healthy balanced diet; unfortunately, many people do not get the right nutrition to keep their hair, nails, and skin in optimal condition. Zinc is required for many reactions in your body, including the growth and division of cells. Hair and nails are made of a type of cell that grows and divides rapidly. Because of this fast production, a steady supply of Zinc is needed to promote the healthy growth of nails and a head full of healthy strong hair. The easiest way to obtain the right amount is with a daily Zinc vitamin supplement.


If you love seafood, then you are in luck! Shell fish such as oysters have one of the highest quantities of Zinc found in any food group. However, if you are not a fan of eating oysters every day, then regular consumption of grass-fed beef or lamb meat can also provide the right amount of Zinc. While Zinc is available in several non-meat or sea food sources, these options do tend to be lower in Zinc levels. With that said, there are some plant-based vegetarian or Vegan alternatives such as spinach, nuts, mushrooms, and several types of beans that can also help you get adequate amounts of daily Zinc. For the highest quality Zinc daily vitamin supplement, click here